Contrary to popular belief, pediatricians don't only care for babies and toddlers, but also adolescents and children up to the age of 18. They care for their patients when they're ill with common, chronic or life-threatening sickness or injury, as well as providing advice on healthy lifestyles, and preventing illness and injury.

Caring for children with physical illness, as well as behavioral difficulties, developmental disorders and depression and anxiety disorders are also a large part of a pediatrician's specialty. Children often have different symptoms than adults, or need different treatments, and pediatricians are trained to understand the specialized care this requires.

Pediatricians aren't only concerned with the immediate health and wellness of their patient, but also their long-term health goals and future quality of life. This may include the early detection of certain disorders, disabilities or other health issues which may affect them later in life. Lakewood’s pediatrician, Dr. Neil Bratney, works closely with his patients and their families, as well as other medical providers, to ensure his patient receives the best care possible.

Dr. Bratney joined the Lakewood team in 2012. He has a particular medical interest in children with special healthcare needs, asthma and allergies, and pediatric sports medicine, including non-surgical fracture care and concussions. He has experience working with pediatric leaders at the national level on pediatric homecare and hospice.  

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