Community Health Needs Assessment

Lakewood Health System (LHS) is required to complete a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) and implement a strategy to meet the needs identified in the assessment every three years. This report, as well as past and future activities described within, serves to meet this requirement.

The CHNA process was conducted 2012-2013, and again in 2015-2016. Data was collected in conjunction with Todd-Wadena Healthy Connections (TWHC), which has members representing LHS, Tri-County Health Care, Todd County Health & Human Services, and Wadena County Public Health. Community focus groups and a community survey identified community perception of health needs and what makes a healthy community in Cass, Morrison, Todd, and Wadena Counties. For the purposes of this assessment, data gathered reflects the core service area of LHS (zip codes 56479 and 56466) and the four counties mentioned previously.

The CHNA reveals which community health indicators have worsening trends or higher occurrence rates as compared to the county and state. An internal community health needs assessment committee analyzed and ranked based on community impact, potential for change, economic feasibility, and alignment to the mission of LHS. Taking into account what other community resources are currently available to meet needs indentified, the following three health needs were determined to be the top priority for LHS:
1. Adult Obesity
2. Childhood Obesity
3. Mental Health

Each of these health needs will be addressed by the development and implementation of interventions starting in late 2013. All implemented strategies will be measured and evaluated over the three year period to determine if health needs are being met and if the intervention is effectively impacting the priority.

To view either the 2013 or 2016 CHNA, please click on the Documents link to the right.

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