At Lakewood Health System, your mental health is as important as your physical health. That is why we offer many options for the treatment of emotional and mental difficulties. In addition to usual treatments of medications and various counseling therapies, we also offer Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) for certain patients whose illness has been resistant to medication therapies and for whom counseling has been insufficient.
ECT was created in the 1940s, but has undergone significant improvements in recent years. It utilizes a small amount of electrical stimulation to certain areas of the brain, resulting in the release of essential transporting chemicals in the brain and leading to a normalization of brain cell conductivity and function. This normalization can lead to the relief of symptoms of depression and other mental disorders. When used properly, ECT successfully allows patients to return back to their productive and healthy lives. For many people, electroconvulsive therapy is the best treatment option.
As with all medical treatments, there are side effects and risks involved. However, ECT has few, due to the strict guidelines which ensure the safety of the patient. A full psychiatric and medical assessment is necessary to determine appropriateness of this treatment for each patient.
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