WE LISTEN... carefully to the sound of a baby’s heartbeat.

Like you, we get to know your baby long before it’s born. That’s why the doctor who cares for you is the doctor who is there for you when your baby takes its first breath. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

WE LISTEN, because we care.

At Lakewood Health System, we take your birth experience personally and are excited and honored to be a part of this major life event.

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Personalized healthcare means having someone who understands your health. That’s why YOUR physician, the one you have seen through your entire journey up to this incredible moment, will be right there with you when you’re ready to deliver. In addition to two on-staff OB/GYNs (Dr. Carol Uhlman and Dr. Erik Dovre) and three Certified Nurse Midwives (Susan Corbett, Jennifer Waytashek, and Jessica Wilmes), the following family medicine physicians also work with expectant parents through the prenatal process, as well as the delivery: 

Christine Albrecht, MD
Arden Beachy, MD
Julie Benson, MD
David Freeman, MD
John Halfen, MD
Sarah Israelson, MD
Katie Norris, MD

We realize that each mom-to-be has different desires and needs in terms of how they want to handle pain, the labor process, and the level of involvement and attention from individuals. We cater to your needs and wishes, and are pleased to provide a variety of solutions for pain management, and even alternative birthing methods, such as a special tub for water births. We also have a cross-functional team of staff members who will care for your every need, including a certified lactation consultant and certified lactation counselors to provide with breast feeding guidance and direction.

When you deliver your baby at Lakewood Health System, you're showered with free gifts for you and your baby, including:

  • Candlelight dinner
  • Relaxing massage
  • Infant car seat
  • Case of diapers
  • CD of baby photos
  • Baby bag with supplies
  • Complimentary home visit by the expectations team

Click on "Documents" on the right to view a template you can use to design your own birth plan and to meet the Women's Health Team.

Water birth is the process of giving birth in a tub of warm water. Some women choose to labor in the water and get out for delivery. Other women decide to stay in the water for the delivery as well. The theory behind water birth is that the baby has been in the amniotic sac for 9 months and birthing into a similar environment is gentler for the baby and less stressful for the mother.

Vaginal Birth After C-Section (VBAC) is an option an expecting mother and her physician will discuss. Although the mantra used to be "once a Caesarean, always a Caesarean," advancements in c-section surgical procedures now allow for women with previous c-sections to try a vaginal delivery.

“Doula” is a Greek word meaning women’s servant. A birth doula is a person who provides continuous care and assists throughout labor, delivery and after care of the mother and baby. Birth doulas can provide physical, emotional, and informational support to the mother and her family before, during or after childbirth. They can aide in relaxation techniques, massage and in labor and delivery care. A doula’s presence at birth can give a woman many positive, memorable experiences related to the birth of her baby.   

A birth doula is not meant to replace the support unit of the coach/partner, nor does having a doula mean you have to have a natural childbirth. The doula provides non-clinical care for you and your partner. The physician and the nurse will monitor the clinical aspects of your care.

Lakewood Health System supports any assistance our patients desire with childbirth. Lakewood Health System does not have trained doulas on staff, however we can assist you in choosing a doula service of your choice. If you have already selected a doula, please let your physician and Expectations staff know in advance of your due date.

Annual Birthday Party
Every year, the OB team celebrates the babies born in the past year. All babies (and their families) will receive an invite to the party, along with details about the day, time and location.

Sibling Preparation Class
The relationship between siblings is one that lasts a lifetime, and preparing children for the birth of a new baby is an important beginning.
Children will have the opportunity to prepare for the new baby by practicing in sibling related activities. Each child will learn how to handle and play with the newborn and how to assist mom and dad with the baby’s cares. Parents and children will also tour the labor and delivery room and nursery at Lakewood Health System. For dates, more information or to register, please call 218-894-8623.

So You Want To Breast Feed
Confused about breastfeeding? Wondering whether you should try it? Interested in nursing a second time around but need a refresher? Maybe you didn’t breastfeed with other children, but would like to now. This is the class for you! Our breastfeeding class is taught by an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant, and has up-to-date, evidence-based information. Although there will be some discussion of the benefits of nursing, this class goes beyond that and delves into topics like returning to work, nursing in public, and latching and positioning your baby. Pregnant moms are encouraged to come, and bring their support person as well. 

Prepared Childbirth Classes
This class is free to those planning to deliver at Lakewood Health System. The birthing class is designed to help expecting moms and coaches learn about what to expect during pregnancy, labor, delivery and the special time following the birth of the baby.  Key topics include:

  • Relaxation and breathing techniques 
  • How to care for a newborn
  • A “game plan” for coaches
  • Infant CPR 

Expecting mothers in their fifth and eighth months of pregnancy are welcome to participate in the prepared childbirth class. Moms are encouraged to bring a coach to assist with their preparation. For more information or to register for the prepared childbirth class at Lakewood Health System, please call 218-894-8623.

Grandparents Class
The class is designed to refresh skills and cover new topics related to safety and childcare practices. Topics covered include CPR, car seat safety, SIDS guidelines and the latest in feeding techniques for infants. For more information or to register, please call 218-894-8623.

Daddy Bootcamp
This class is free to all Lakewood dads-to-be. It is designed to help expecting dads get the basic tools and information to prepare them for the different stages of pregnancy, labor, delivery and the special time of new fatherhood following the birth of the baby. For more information or to register for the class, please call 218-894-8623.

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