Hospice is not a place. It’s a philosophy of care.  Our team is dedicated to providing this care wherever they consider home: in the home they’ve owned for years, in a nursing home, or in an assisted living facility. Hospice is tailored to fit the patient’s and family’s unique situations. The goal of hospice with our interdisciplinary team is comfort, and an emphasis is placed on quality of life through terminal illness and death. Our promise to you is to care for body, mind, and spirit.  We promise to provide care that is comforting and compassionate.  We promise to respect patient and family choices.  We promise to be accepting and supportive of patients, wherever they are in life’s journey.

"During the time that I've worked in Hospice, I've seen that death does not have to be painful - or even feared. Feeling sadness is just an indication that you care and it doesn't need to be viewed as a negative emotion. For all the tears I've shed, there have been ten times the smiles and laughter, which I've shared with my patients and their loved ones as well. I would say I have been quite blessed." - Hospice Nurse

Our hospice team affirms life, and regards dying as a normal process. The hospice team includes you, your family and caregivers, your physician, hospice medical directors, registered nurses, social workers and chaplains. The team works with clients and caregivers to develop a plan of care that builds physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual support. Additional services may be provided by home health assistants, therapists, pharmacists and trained volunteers.

At the start of hospice care, the patient’s physician is contacted to confirm that hospice care is appropriate. A hospice team member will visit to answer questions and assess the client’s condition and potential care needs. The client or responsible party will be asked to complete a consent form, and the hospice team member will collect the client’s insurance information. The hospice team will outline the services available. The care is aimed at pain relief and symptom control, rather than curative care.

Physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual support may include:

  • Pain and symptom control through medication and alternative therapies.
  • Comfort measures such as massage, assistance with bathing and other personal cares.
  • Offering massage to primary care givers, as well as hospice patients.
  • Coordination of necessary medical equipment, supplies and community resources.
  • Friendship, companionship and support. Our “11th Hour Volunteers” are with you during the times your family and friends must be absent.
  • Assistance with household chores.
  • Medication and nutrition counseling.
  • Listening, caring and comfort.
  • Around the clock availability, medication management and patient reminders through the use of tele-health monitoring equipment.

Remember...”home” is wherever you are.
The Hospice services listed above are also available to residents of long-term care and assisted living facilities. In addition, our Hospice team provides support for nursing staff and families.

Our home telemonitors are primarily used for patients with heart disease, breathing problems, and high blood pressure. This system reminds patients to take their vitals (blood pressure, oxygen, pulse, weight, etc.), which are electronically transmitted back to our office where a nurse reviews them. By checking these daily, the nurse is able to identify trends and notify the doctor to make changes for the patient before an emergency arises. This system also lets patients be more involved with their own personal care.

Research shows that this new technology - used in combination with periodic nurse visits - can decrease the need for trips to the emergency room, the need to stay in the hospital, and the length of hospital stays.

Home Care-Hospice
Medical Staff
Hospice Medical Director
Julie Benson, MD
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 a.m.

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