Patient Financial Services

Lakewood Health System's patient financial representatives are here to assist you however we can. Our first concern is you, our patient. We can explain your bill and payment options, and even help you come up with a plan that meets your individual needs. Please give us a call if you
have any questions regarding your charges. You may also send your questions to:

Lakewood Health System
Attn: Patient Financial Services
49725 County 83
Staples, MN 56479

Quick links to important documents:
Financial Assistance Policy
Plain Language Summary
Customer Assistance Program Application
Billing and Collections Policy

Lakewood Health System’s Customer Assistance Program can be applied to most services provided by Lakewood Health System, with the exception of insurance co-pays, Department Of Transportation Physicals, Lakewood Care Center, Care Van, Lakewood Pines or Manor accounts, and In Vitro Fertilization services. This discount does not apply to any fees from outside entities such as visiting doctors, specialists reference labs or radiologists.

To determine if you qualify for the Customer Assistance Program (CAP), and/or to obtain an application, please call Patient Financial Services (see phone number to the right).  The completed application and copies of W-2s can be sent to:

Lakewood Health System
Patient Financial Services
49725 County 83
Staples, MN 56479

Once all documentation is received and reviewed, you will receive written notification of approval or denial within 30 days.

Account Default
If you fail to pay according to the agreed arrangement, your account may be turned over to one of our collection agencies.

We know that it can be stressful when thinking about how much a procedure is going to cost, and how the payments will work. Based on your individual situation, we are happy to talk through estimated costs for procedures performed at Lakewood Health System. Please give us a call at the numbers listed below. We can help determine approximate out-of pocket costs based on your insurance. We can also help determine whether you are eligible for charity care or our Customer Assistance Program, or answer any general questions you have about prices and payments.

Please keep in mind that any quotations we provide are only estimates, and that there are unforeseen variables that can potentially influence these figures. Our estimates may include both the facility and professional fees, however, you may receive separate bills from a specialist, reference lab, or contracted radiologist who may serve you. Any estimates we provide are for informational purposes and convenience only. They are not part of a contract, and the actual cost of services provided may vary.

Hospital & Clinic Estimates: 218-894-8694
Care Center Estimates: 218-894-8344
Assisted Living Estimates: 218-894-2124

Questions Regarding Your Account Balance
Customer Assistance Program Coordinator
Patient Financial Services
Clinic Business Office
Main Campus

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