Community Benefit

Community Benefit 2011

Lakewood Health System has issued its report on the financial value of healthcare services and outreach programs that benefited the community during 2011. The total value of this contribution was $9,072,991.82.

Just over $ 1,699,197 went to providing charity care in the form of free or discounted services to patients who were unable to pay for their health care and who qualified for assistance. Another $1,161,846 was spent covering the cost of nonpayment of services.

Also included in the total are the costs to cover unpaid Medicare and Medicaid expenses, Medicaid surcharges and MNCare taxes.

The remainder of the contribution consists of money spent providing support groups, educational conferences, free health screenings, and resources like meeting space, services, and supplies to the community, along with $ 200,742 in donated funds given to local organizations and programs through the Lakewood Foundation.


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