Community Health

Community Health Needs Assessment

Lakewood Health System (LHS) is required to complete a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) and implement a strategy to meet the needs identified in the assessment every three years. This report, as well as past and future activities described within, serves to meet this requirement. Community Health Needs Assessments are available for 2013 and 2016.

Green Initiatives

A Green Lakewood
Our world is constantly changing and at Lakewood Health System, we recognize a responsibility to react. We also know that each of us must adapt and change as needed to help our world, and all of us in it, live and work as one. Through the personal commitment of dedicated staff, we are striving each day to create and help implement eco-friendly initiatives at Lakewood Health System. By committing to programs that can, if even in some small way, help decrease adverse environmental impact, Lakewood Health System is doing its part to encourage a healthier, more sustainable environment. Although, as a leading healthcare facility, we are always looking for additional ways to continuously improve our ecological footprint.

Lakewood Health System received the Environmental Excellence Award from SteriMed, our reprocessing company, which is given to their top 2% performing hospitals nationwide. Lakewood had four times the savings of an average performing hospital our size. There are a variety of items that instead of throwing them away after use they can be reprocessed and repackaged. This practice saves money and reduces waste.

Some of our implemented initiatives are listed below:

Farmer’s Market
Lakewood Heath System hosts the Central Minnesota Farmers’ Market annually in the Main Campus parking lot throughout the growing season (approx. May – Oct.) By supporting Farmer’s Markets, Lakewood Health System is helping to reduce food miles (and thus vehicle pollution and fossil fuel use), reduce packaging, and encourage more environmental production practices.

Items for sale include fresh produce, fresh cut flowers, meats, eggs, home-made baked goods, jams and jellies and even organic dog treats! Produce is available according to the growing season. Additional benefits include maximum freshness, affordability, increased nutritional value, and availability of healthy food choices.

Locally Grown Foods
Our food service department is committed to providing as much local foods as possible to employees, patients and LHS food service visitors based upon growing season/produce availability, having an impact on both environment and overall health.