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Spiritual Health is an important facet of a person’s holistic health. The Spiritual Health Services at Lakewood Health System recognize the inter-connectedness of body, mind, and spirit and seek to provide a bridge which connects one’s spirituality to one’s health.

Each person’s spirituality is unique, yet we share basic needs including finding meaning and purpose for life in the midst of disease, pain and sorrow; self-acceptance and relationships with others and connecting with one’s faith as they define it.

Our Spiritual Health Team is available to provide assistance according to each patient’s unique needs and requests. If desired, we will coordinate care with your own faith community. Our Team recognizes and honors all faith traditions, and will provide encouragement, counseling and support to all people, regardless of their backgrounds.

Through pastoral presence, life review, interactive listening, spiritual counseling and optional prayer, our team members will assist the patient in re-framing his/her view of life in such a way as to draw upon their own spiritual resources for empowerment, faith and healing.

The Spiritual Health Team includes a chaplain who is an ordained minister and a member of a recognized faith-based organization. Our chaplain has been specially trained through the Association of Clinical Pastoral Education. Furthermore, a parish nurse is also available to provide spiritual care. A parish nurse is a registered nurse who has special interest in integrating wellness and spirituality.

It is the goal of the Spiritual Health Team to respond to patient’s needs and concerns in ways that are non-judgmental and encourage each individual to see their own spirituality as a resource for strength and health.

Spiritual Care Services provided:

  • Visits to your home while in hospice or home care.
  • Spiritual/emotional counseling
  • Bereavement care
  • Grief support
  • Prayer
  • Baptism for babies or blessings for perinatal loss
  • Consult for difficult decisions
  • Contact your faith community on your behalf.

Scheduled Services:

In cooperation with the Staples Ministerial Association, regularly scheduled chapel, communion and Bible study events are held in the following facilities:

Lakewood Care Center: 218-894-8345
Lakewood Pines: 218-894-4460
Lakewood Manor 218-894-2124

Please call each facility for the schedule of these religious services.


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Tel: 218-894-1515 | 800-525-1033 | TTY - 218-894-8184

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