Grief Support

Everyone has the experience of loss in life. Sometimes the loss can be easily navigated but at other times the loss is so devastating, that additional support and understanding are necessary. A grief support group can provide that kind of assistance to people in all phases of the grief process. Each loss is different and unique, yet our experiences can be mutually beneficial for us and for others. Sharing our stories can bring us new insight, hope and healing.

The Grief Support Group at Lakewood Health System provides a six-week series which will provide resources and mutual support to travel your grief journey. Discussion topics will include various aspects of the grieving process – the emotions of grief: (shock, denial, anger, depression, guilt, hope, renewal and acceptance), holiday grief, coping resources, multiple losses, healing, and reinvestment. Under the guidance of group facilitators, participants will share in supportive conversation and fellowship with others who share a common bond through their own experiences of grief.

Coming to a support group for grief can be like a journey from “Sunset to Sunlight”. Sharing and telling the stores of our lives after we have suffered the death of a loved one, divorce, loss of pets, possessions and even our sense of family and faith, can help us come out of the darkness of despair, depression and sadness.

Two sessions (each six weeks in length) are offered at Lakewood Health System. For specific dates and times, please contact the Education Department at 218-894-8623.


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