Occupational Therapy

People of all ages and conditions can benefit from Occupational Therapy

Sometimes even normal, everyday activities can be difficult if they are painful, or if you are recovering from an injury or if you have a particular disability. Our Occupational Therapy staff members work with people of all ages to develop solutions for self care, work and play activities that increase independence and help prevent disability. The adaptation of a task or a change in the environment can help make everyday life a little easier.

People of all ages and conditions can benefit from Occupational Therapy, including:

  • People with work related injuries
  • People who have had a stroke or heart attack
  • People with arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s or other chronic, progressive diseases
  • Infants and children with birth injuries, learning disabilities or developmental disabilities
  • People with burns, spinal cord injuries, head injuries or amputations
  • People with broken bones or other injuries from sports, falls or accidents
  • People with Lymphedema

Therapy visits focus on education and safety awareness in the home/work environment. Therapy plans combine both the development and implementation of a customized home exercise program.

In addition to our main campus in Staples, Outpatient Physical Therapy services are offered at our clinic locations in Pillager, Motley and Browerville. Occupational Therapy services are also available at the Browerville clinic.


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Tel: 218-894-1515 | 800-525-1033 | TTY - 218-894-8184

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