Services Offered

These are some of the services our occupational therapy staff members provide our patients:

  • Recommendations and training in the use of adaptive equipment to replace lost function.
  • Post-operative treatments for hand, elbow, carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve surgeries.
  • Instructions to caregivers in safe and effective methods of caring for individuals.
  • Assistance and training in daily activities, such as eating, gardening, and self-care like bathing and dressing.
  • Evaluation of daily living needs and assessment of home, school, work and other environments.
  • Recommendations for modification that will allow a person to continue/resume with his or her regular activities.
  • Cognitive assessment and retraining to promote safest level of function.
  • Exercises and approaches to promote good posture and joint motion as well as over all improvement in strength and flexibility.
  • Strategies to address play and behavioral issues in children related to sensory processing, learning disabilities, or other conditions that keep from participation as well as they are able.