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Our activities department is located in the Care Center on our Senior Campus in Staples. The Activity Department is designed to:

  • Meet the individual residents’ social, physical, mental and spiritual needs.
  • Promote and encourage the resident to function at the highest level of independence possible.
  • Reassess and adapt activities to suit the needs, capabilities and interests of each resident.

Group Activities include:

  • Cards, dominos & games
  • Fancy Fingers
  • Discussion groups
  • Men and ladies’ groups
  • Church services
  • Music
  • Exercise
  • Reading groups/book club
  • Monthly cappucino time
  • Social hour
  • Pet time
  • Adapted sports
  • Bingo
  • Baking groups
  • Mind stimulating activities (word games, crosswords, quizzes)
  • Movie and snack night
  • Wii games, iPads, Facetime/Skype, computer, magni-site

Additional Activities:

  • Cheers
  • Gardening
  • Shopping trips
  • Picnics
  • Bus rides
  • Musical entertainment
  • Special outings
  • Planned special events
  • Computer
  • Care Chair Choir

Activities designed especially for residents with special needs include:

  • Memory Care Unit
  • Neighbors—a motivation group
  • Sensory stimulation—a group for residents who require stimulation of all senses.
  • One to one visits—the staff will visit individual residents in their own room if they choose not to attend regular activity functions.

For more information or to volunteer, call 218-894-8340.