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Care Delivery Innovations at Lakewood Health System

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying, “Every cloud has a silver lining. You just have to go through the darkness to get to it.” With the COVID-19 pandemic monopolizing our thoughts, work, family and media, it can be difficult to see past the darkness and clouds. But slowly, silver linings are emerging. In healthcare, times like this give us the opportunity to think innovatively and consider new ways of doing things we have not previously explored.

At Lakewood Health System (LHS), we continue to remain accessible to serve our patients. We temporarily closed our Motley and Eagle Valley Clinics, but the rest of our clinics are open. It is important to continue coming in for ongoing care and treatments such as well-child appointments with immunizations, diabetic foot care, and other needs as directed by your primary care provider or specialist.

We have implemented new or revised methods of medical care delivery to ensure we continue to meet your healthcare needs while preserving the safety and comfort of everyone we encounter. For instance, telehealth is becoming more widely used and accepted by healthcare systems and patients alike. Everyone is getting more comfortable using technology due to the pandemic, which is a positive change. Many of our providers have jumped on board and are now doing virtual visits with their patients who seem to be embracing this new method. This is one change we plan to continue.

These new care delivery options are outlined below. Please keep in mind not all these services will be available to everyone, as each patient’s situation and needs are different. Check with your care team (218-894-1515) to determine which services are available to you:

 Virtual Visits:

  • Patients have direct access to their provider through online video visits. Phone visits are also available.
  • Most appointment types can now be completed from the comfort and privacy of your home.
  • Visits can be scheduled through our Clinic Patient Access Team: 218-894-1515.

Click Care:

  • Online diagnosis and treatment for common medical conditions, such as pink-eye or ear infections.
  • Accessible 24 hours-per-day, seven days-per-week at
  • Provides free COVID-19 screening and free visit for respiratory symptoms.

Home Visits:

  • Offered to our most immunocompromised people under the direction of their primary care provider.

Drive-Up Laboratory Services:

  • Offered to patients under the direction of their primary care provider and specialists.
  • Currently available by prescheduled appointment only.

Traditional In-Person Clinic Visits:

  • LHS Staples Clinic (Main Entrance), Browerville Clinic and Pillager Clinic are dedicated “well” clinics.
  • LHS Staples Clinic (Entrance B) is dedicated for patients with symptoms or illness consistent with COVID-19.
  • Scheduled through our Clinic Patient Access Team: 218-894-1515.

With our lives turned upside down because of this pandemic, it may seem difficult to imagine what positives could come from it. But now is the time to think about the silver linings – such as new, innovative ways of delivering healthcare that may continue, and change things for the better.

Tim Rice
President and CEO
Lakewood Health System