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Home Care

Lakewood’s home care program makes it possible for people to maintain independent living in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes. We provide assistance for people who do not require 24-hour-a-day professional supervision in a hospital or care center setting.

Services vary depending on the individual needs of each person. Individuals may use home care due to an illness, after a hospitalization, or when they simply need extra help with things like medication, nutrition or physical therapy. Our highly-trained staff care about your medical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Our goal is to help you and your family be healthy, safe, and happy.

Home Care Service Area

We are pleased to be able to offer our home care services to anyone living within a 35-mile radius of our Staples, Motley, Pillager, Browerville, and Eagle Bend clinics, and Long Prairie Medical Marketplace location. Our service area spans across a significant portion of north-central Minnesota. For specific questions about our service area and eligibility, please contact us at 218-894-8080.

Home Care Service Area


Home Care Services

Our skilled nurses and therapists offer assessment, health education, and observation.  We work closely with your doctor to provide a continuum of care, while helping you reach your health goals.


If you have any questions about our home care services, please contact us online!

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Available with a provider referral, this service offers instruction on diet, insulin and glucose monitoring.

Our foot care clinics specialize in preventive foot care and perform routine foot assessments and inspections. Appointments for these clinics are available by calling home care.

The goal of palliative care is to offer support for patients and families dealing with advanced illnesses, regardless of whether they choose to receive curative or comfort treatment.  Helping you meet your goals of care with a team approach; we help build a bridge to help you through difficult times in the disease process.

Our nurses are trained to teach and guide you and your family through infusion therapy in your home. Our agency works with your infusion center to make it possible for you to receive your infusions at home.

Rehabilitation includes physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. This caring team works together to improve the overall health and safety of our patients.  They provide services to help improve mobility, function, relieve pain, help prevent choking and maximize independence for our patients.

Lakewood will assist and educate patients with the organization and management of their medications.

Our skilled nurses visit your home to assess any wounds. They work closely with our wound and ostomy nurses to help treat and teach correct wound care. The nurses use quality wound care products to help your wound heal quickly.

Our home telemonitors are primarily used for patients with heart disease, breathing problems, and high blood pressure. This system reminds patients to take their vitals (blood pressure, oxygen, pulse, weight, etc.), which are electronically transmitted back to our office where a nurse reviews them. By checking these daily, the nurse is able to identify trends and notify the doctor to make changes for the patient before an emergency arises. This system also lets patients be more involved with their own personal care.

Research shows this new technology – used in combination with periodic nurse visits – can decrease the need for trips to the emergency room, the need to stay in the hospital, and the length of hospital stays.