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Osteopathic and Regenerative Medicine

Osteopathic manipulative treatment is a set of hands-on techniques used by osteopathic physicians (DOs) to diagnose, treat, and prevent illness or injury. Using these techniques, the doctor moves a patient’s muscles and joints with stretching, gentle pressure and resistance. Lakewood osteopathic medicine physician, Dr. Josh Kempf, specializes in the previously mentioned technique, as well as performing injections, including steroids, trigger point and regenerative medicine. Dr. Kempf treats patients of all ages, including newborns, pregnant women and athletes, for a variety of musculoskeletal concerns, with a goal of improving health and recovery. Concerns include, but are not limited to:

  • Sports injuries
  • Headaches/migraines
  • Neck, back and jaw pain
  • Joint and muscle disorders
  • Infant head and neck issues
  • Pain associated with pregnancy
  • Joint and trigger point injections
  • Regenerative injections

No referral is necessary to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kempf.

To learn more about Dr. Kempf and osteopathic and regenerative medicine at Lakewood, click to watch a series of short videos.

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