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Pain Clinic

The best place to bring your worst pain is now the Lakewood Health System Pain Clinic. Lakewood is pleased to partner with Holistic Pain Management to provide this important service. This new service provides a personalized, effective approach to pain management and treatment for a full range of conditions. Our compassionate and thorough approach allows us to develop long-term relationships of trust with patients and families.


Our Approach

  • One-hour initial consultation to get to know you and your goals
  • Coordinated care with your provider throughout your care plan
  • Diagnostic options such as imaging, physical therapy, counseling, lab work and referrals to specialists are provided as needed
  • Treatment is provided only when a clear benefit is identified
  • Follow-up care is provided to ensure your pain is managed
  • Education is provided at all stages of care
  • Patient will be given access to a customer service nurse hotline

Talk with your provider to see if a referral to the Lakewood Pain Clinic is right for you.


Contact us if you have any questions about pain management!

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