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Construction and Expansion Update

Staples Clinic

Steel tie ins for the Staples clinic have been completed and metal decking, backfilling and waterproofing began the week of March 27th. Installation of the concrete floors will start the week of April 3rd, and exterior wall framing and sheathing will begin mid-April and finish the first part of May.

Clinic and hospital parking remains an issue for patients, so Lakewood has taken measures to try and provide more space by asking contractors to park in other locations around the building. We apologize for the inconvenience the parking issues have, and will likely continue to have, on patients and visitors to our building, but we appreciate your patience and understanding.

Various Lakewood staff continue to be moved to temporary spaces throughout the facility, as their offices are renovated or demoed to accommodate new equipment and construction efforts. This equipment includes the new chiller and its ductwork, the installation of which will continue from now until April 7th.

Emergency Department

On March 20th, the emergency department (ED) admitting desk and waiting room were temporarily moved to the Medical Marketplace are near the main entrance, and Medical Marketplace was moved to the Chapel on the lower level. These moves were made to accommodate the construction and renovations being done in the emergency department. Patients admitted to the ED will now be escorted through staff hallways to be seen by the ED provider, but patient care and service will not be impacted.

Roofing is done on the ED addition and demo is beginning in the vacated ED waiting and admitting areas. Again, we apologize for the inconveniences this may cause patients and staff, but we appreciate the continued patience and understanding.

Pillager Clinic

Exterior work on the Pillager clinic continues with trusses, bracing and roof sheathing. Once the ground thaws, underground plumbing and electrical will hopefully start the beginning of April.