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Assisted Living Visit Types

These are the allowed visit types for Lakewood Assisted Living (Pines and Manor) tenants and families. They are subject to change.

Assisted Living Visitation Guide

This flowsheet from Care Providers gives an overview of visitation guidelines at Minnesota assisted living facilities.

Authorization to Release Behavioral Health

Authorization to release behavioral health information form.

Authorization to Release Information

This is the authorization form to release medical records and/or x-rays.

Bariatric Guidebook

This is the guidebook for bariatric surgery at Lakewood Health System.

Bariatric Surgery Brochure

This brochure gives you information on Lakewood’s Bariatric surgery program, including the gastric sleeve procedure, how to determine if you’re eligible for surgery and what to expect.

Bariatric Surgery Diet Progression

This sheet includes information on the diet progression patients can expect before and after bariatric surgery.

Bariatric Surgery Guidebook

This guidebook gives you all the information you need regarding bariatric surgery at Lakewood Health System.

Bariatric Surgery Insurance Benefits

This sheet provides the bariatric team information about patient insurance, specifically regarding bariatric surgery.