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Expansion Updates – October

Oct. 6, 2017: Fall has arrived, and that means some of the final touches are being done on a couple of Lakewood’s building and expansion projects.

Staples Clinic

  • The first-floor drywall hanging and taping is completed, and 60% of that floor is painted.
  • Drywall on the lower level is 50% complete, and painting will begin next week.
  • The ceiling grid is done on both levels, ceramic tile is done on all but two restrooms, and doors and hardware are on-site.
  • All but a few windows are in, and casework for the remaining ones will begin next week.
  • All curb and guttering is completed, and light fixtures will start being installed next week.
  • Turnover for the clinic addition is on schedule for November 27th, which means equipment installs and final cleaning will take place that week, and furniture move-in will be the next week.
  • The hope is to start seeing patients in the new addition starting December 11th.


  • The MRI is placed in the MRI suite and the magnet will be started up on Monday. Calibration will take 2-3 weeks.
  • Painting is occurring in the remodeled ED area as well as the MRI prep room and dressing room.
  • Ceiling grid, doors and hardware will be placed next week.
  • Flooring will be installed the week of the 16th.
  • Turnover will occur on the 23rd, and should be completed by the 27th.

Pillager Clinic

  • Drywall hanging and taping will be completed by the 11th, and painting and tiling will occur the week after.
  • Turnover will be November 20th, which is Thanksgiving week. The hope is to start seeing patients in the remodeled area on November 27th.