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Lakewood Health System Seeking Community Members for Committees

Lakewood Health System is seeking community members not affiliated or associated with Lakewood through their own or a family members’ employment or contracts to represent the nonmedical community on one of two possible committees. The committees seeking community representation include the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and the Ethics Committee.

The IRB is required by federal regulation for assessing any new investigational/research studies for safety and fairness. Committee member selection will be made based on an individual’s capabilities, as well as their scope of background experience compared to other members currently on the committee. Several one-hour meetings will initially be arranged to prepare and coordinate for future specific reviews, but reviews are not frequently requested at Lakewood.

The Ethics Committee meets every two months to learn about and review individual cases; subgroups are designated by the Committee Chair whenever an Ethics Committee consultation is requested. Consultations are commonly urgent, but not frequent. Committee members would be expected to attend the semi-monthly regular meetings and assist with consultations as they are available. Member selection is also based on individual capabilities and background experience.

Desired skills for committee applicants include: Critical thinking; decision making and problem-solving; comfort with and sensitivity to information that is private, confidential and privileged; effective communication; and experience with electronic communication including email and videoconferencing.

For more information or to apply, please contact Paul Johnson at 218-894-8093 or