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The following videos and assessment tools have been developed to inform, educate, and provide an understanding of bariatric surgery at Lakewood. This educational series is the first step in bariatric patient education and a prerequisite for anyone considering bariatric surgery at Lakewood. After completing these assessments, you will have the option for a Lakewood bariatric team member to contact you directly in order to answer any additional questions you may have and discuss potential next steps in your weight-loss journey.

We are experiencing some technical difficulties with the submission form at the end of the video series. If you run into issues after taking the final assessment, please call or email Lauri at 218-894-8526 or laurithew@lakewoodhealthsystem.com. We’re working to resolve the issue, and we apologize for the inconvenience!

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Lakewood Health System - Bariatric Surgery Course Outline

The Weight Is Over
Segment 1
The Weight Is Over
Segment 2
The Weight Is Over
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