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Making Life a Whole Lot Better


I injured my back by moving a large cement cover weighing about 125 lbs. After three weeks, I made an appointment to see my physician at Lakewood Health System. He referred me for physical therapy at Big Stone Therapy [Lakewood’s rehabilitation services].

When I started physical therapy, I had back/hip issues that made movement difficult for me. For example, in the morning I literally had to crawl up the stairs. I also had trouble putting on shoes and tying laces. Therefore, I started wearing slip on shoes. I had trouble riding and driving a car as well, so I stopped visiting my daughter and her family in Duluth, as it was too painful a trip.

I have had 11 physical therapy sessions and I can now walk up the stairs in the morning, put on my shoes, and drive my pickup. But most importantly, I feel so much better and am living with very little pain.

I feel so thankful that my doctor referred me to Big Stone Therapies. I had the greatest therapist, who encouraged me, helped me, and showed me strategies to work on at home. My therapist helped make my life a whole lot better!

-Ron Storbakken, Lakewood and Big Stone Therapies patient