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The leadership team at Lakewood Health System is a group of experienced individuals who are dedicated – both personally and professionally – to maintaining Lakewood’s reputation of quality healthcare and five-star service. They work together to identify and direct the priorities of Lakewood through the development and implementation of strategic plans, within the scope of our mission.

  • Lisa Bjerga
    Lisa Bjerga President & Chief Executive Officer
  • Dr. Christine Albrecht
    Dr. Christine Albrecht Chief Medical Officer
  • Joe Reycraft
    Joe Reycraft Chief Financial Officer
  • Brad Anderson
    Brad Anderson Vice President of Strategy and Development
  • Alicia Bauman
    Alicia Bauman Vice President of Community and Population Health
  • Kathy Dobson
    Kathy Dobson Vice President of Senior Services
  • Missy Lindow
    Missy Lindow Vice President of Operations
  • Corrine Neisess
    Corrine Neisess Vice President of Nursing
  • Lynn Rice
    Lynn Rice Vice President of Support Services
  • Jim Roeder
    Jim Roeder Vice President of Information Technology
  • Craig Wolhowe
    Craig Wolhowe Vice President of Clinics and Medical Providers

System Board

The System Board is tasked with various responsibilities, such as hiring and retaining the CEO, ensuring quality care, developing the mission, vision and strategic plan, overseeing the financial position, and developing strong board and medical staff relationships.


*Denotes a board member who has earned certification from the Minnesota Hospital Association.

**Denotes a Board member who has earned advanced certification from the Minnesota Hospital Association.

  • Lisa Bjerga
    Lisa Bjerga President and CEO Motley
  • Jef Cichos*
    Jef Cichos* Vice-Chair; Governance/Succession Planning, Executive, Compensation and Finance Committees Staples
  • Dr. Lindsay Leveille
    Dr. Lindsay Leveille Physician Representative Staples
  • Stephanie Jordahl
    Stephanie Jordahl Finance Committee Motley
  • Dr. Ryan Kray
    Dr. Ryan Kray Physician Representative; Governance/Succession Planning Committee Little Falls
  • Norm Krause*
    Norm Krause* Governance/Succession Planning and Finance Committees Nisswa
  • Curt McIlravy**
    Curt McIlravy** Chair; Governance/Succession Planning, Compensation, Finance and Executive Committees Motley
  • Bob Mueller**
    Bob Mueller** District Board Representative; Finance Committee
  • Kevin Nelson*
    Kevin Nelson* Treasurer; Finance and Compensation Committees Staples
  • Dr. Kaitlyn Schoek
    Dr. Kaitlyn Schoek Physician Representative; Executive Committee Baxter
  • Dr. Wade Swenson
    Dr. Wade Swenson Physician Representative Fergus Falls
  • Mary Theurer**
    Mary Theurer** Secretary; District Board Representative; Executive, Finance and Governance/Succession Planning Committees Staples

District Board

The District Board is tasked with various responsibilities, such as maintaining our affiliation agreement, acquiring real estate and issue debt, pursuing board education and development, and advocacy.


*Denotes a board member who has earned certification from the Minnesota Hospital Association.

  • Judy Bjerga**
    Judy Bjerga** Vice Chair; Finance and Executive Committees Becker Township
  • Amy Brichacek
    Amy Brichacek Villard Township
  • Linda Dietrich*
    Linda Dietrich* Moose Lake Township
  • Sally Grove*
    Sally Grove* Moran Township
  • Bill Haehnel
    Bill Haehnel Meadow Brook Township
  • Lana Hansen*
    Lana Hansen* Secretary; Executive Committee City of Motley
  • Bev Hoemberg**
    Bev Hoemberg** Byron Township
  • Beth Pottratz
    Beth Pottratz Motley Township
  • Bob Mueller**
    Bob Mueller** Treasurer; Executive and Finance Committees; Member-at-Large
  • Susan Peet*
    Susan Peet* Poplar Township
  • Ron Storbakken
    Ron Storbakken Compensation Committee Staples Township
  • Mary Theurer**
    Mary Theurer** Board Chair; Finance, Governance, and Executive Committees City of Staples
  • Paul Wicht
    Paul Wicht Finance Committee Thomastown Township