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Primary Care


At Lakewood Health System, the care, support and education you receive from your primary care provider and their team includes everything from preventative screenings and exams for all ages, care of everyday health problems and issues, as well as the care and coordination needed for any specialty concerns.

In order to help our patients achieve their best health and well-being, our current model of care, otherwise known as “care teams”, have been put into place to enhance the care patients already receive. These care teams consist of physicians, physician assistants/nurse practitioners (advanced practice clinicians), nursing and clinical support staff. These care teams are broken down based on the clinics in which the providers practice.

Staples Care Team

  • Dr. John Halfen*
  • Dr. Michael Hudalla
  • Dr. Stephanie Kray
  • Anna Ehnstrom, PA-C
  • Stacy Underhill, PA-C

Motley/Staples Care Team

  • Dr. Julie Benson*
  • Dr. Sarah Israelson*
  • Dr. Jordan Moe
  • Dr. Adrianne Moen
  • Amy Winkels, PA-C

Pillager/Staples Care Team

  • Dr. Christine Albrecht*
  • Dr. Arden Beachy**
  • Dr. Neil Bratney, Pediatrician
  • Dr. Alex Harsha
  • Dr. Ryan Kroll**
  • Dr. Kaitlyn Schoeck
  • Becky Bennett, PA-C
  • Kelly Metz, DNP

Browerville/Eagle Bend/Staples Care Team

  • Dr. Alex Harsha
  • Dr. Ryan Kray
  • Dr. Lindsay Leveille
  • Dr. Katie Norris
  • Jordan Hagar, PA-C
  • Corey Robinson, CNP
  • Lisa Smeby, DNP

*Denotes providers who are not taking new patients at this time.
*Denotes providers who are only taking new OB patients at this time.