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Sister Act

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Betty Shamp and her sister, Sandy, are Dr. Thompson’s greatest fans at Lakewood

Inside their kitchen in a cozy home they share in Bertha, MN, Betty and Sandy bake cookies and make homemade caramel rolls for a person they both adore and admire. That person is Dr. Paul Thompson, a visiting orthopedic surgeon at Lakewood Health System. The treats are a sweet token of the sisters’ appreciation for the fine job Dr. Thompson did on their respective joint surgeries. According to Betty Shamp, “We think Paul is the greatest doctor there has ever been. He is heaven-sent.”

“Before my joint problems, I was so active,” Betty says. “I walked 10 miles every day and loved it each step of the way.” But the walks became shorter, and her pain more pronounced. It immobilized her, impeded her ability to sleep soundly, and even made it impossible for her to do the thing she loved best: Playing with her two cheerful grandchildren.

Betty became Dr. Thompson’s patient in March 2017 when she had her left hip replaced. The surgery went “beautifully” as Betty rejoices. However, her journey wasn’t complete yet. Betty’s right knee was also an issue and was routinely failing her – resulting in unexpected falls while seriously affecting Betty’s quality of life.

So, Betty met with Dr. Thompson again and scheduled a knee replacement, which took place in October. “Just like my hip surgery, the knee replacement went perfectly. I can’t say enough about Dr. Thompson’s talent.”

Following surgery on a Tuesday, Betty had a wonderful support system to help her recover when she returned home on Thursday. The first was Christy, Betty’s therapist, who visited her at home twice a week to work with her on all the necessary stretches and exercises. “Therapy went really well, especially since I had my best friend on earth there to lean on – my sister, Sandy.”

Sandy is no stranger to orthopedic surgery either. She herself had previously received successful shoulder surgery years earlier. Her orthopedic surgeon? “Dr. Thompson, of course,” Sandy says proudly.

sticky buns

Today Betty enjoys full mobility and zero discomfort from her hip and knee surgeries. “I’m taking long walks again, exercising every day, and having an amazing time playing with my grandchildren,” she says with a big smile on her face.

Betty and Sandy practically float around the kitchen – baking, creating and concocting. They love making delicious delectables, and they’re good at it – as Dr. Thompson will experience when the sisters deliver him their sweet thank-you treats.

Does joint pain keep you from experiencing life at its fullest? Then be like Betty and Sandy and take control of your joint health. It begins with a simple call to Lakewood Health System’s Joint Connection program at 218-894-8578.