PURSUING… You will purse a variety of lifestyle changes including increased activity, better food choices and stress management.

ACTIVE… You will be actively involved in all aspects of the PACT program.

CHANGE… Change is not easy. To be successful, you must be ready to make the necessary lifestyle changes.

TOGETHER… the whole team will work together with you to increase the likelihood of success.

Making healthy lifestyle changes can significantly improve your overall health, but it’s not always easy. You may know what you should eat, how much you should exercise and when you should see a doctor, but the gap between knowing and doing isn’t always easy to bridge. Pursuing Active Change Together (PACT) is a program designed to help bridge that gap, backed by good science and a team that’s committed to your success.

The PACT program is designed for patients whose conditions would greatly improve by pursuing certain lifestyle changes. The PACT team at Lakewood Health System works with you to develop lasting, healthy habits – and ultimately – transformations. A group of patients just like you meets regularly with each other, physicians, specialists in nutrition and exercise, and other experts in your condition. By providing a support system of people with similar experiences, there’s a great likelihood of success because you nurture and motivate each other.

The program is based on a group model of care— a progressive approach with proven success to promoting behavior change. Group medical visits with your PACT program physician will take place on a regular basis. During these visits you will receive further education and encouragement to achieve better health.

Upon joining PACT, members will have the opportunity to meet with a registered dietitian and to attend monthly sessions that focus on stress, nutrition and exercise. PACT patients also have access to increased communication with medical experts, including phone check-ins and encouraging weekly e-mail tips about pursuing healthy change.