Ear, Nose and Throat


Dr. Ted Truitt sees patients in our Staples and Pillager clinics every Thursday, and also provides surgical services at Lakewood Health System. Dr. Truitt performs a variety of procedures and for all ages of patients throughout their lifespan, including tonsils, adenoids, ear tubes, and other pediatric surgeries of the ears.

Hummingbird Tube Procedure

The insertion of ear tubes is a common procedure to prevent ear infections or get rid of fluid in the ears that won’t go away. When the space behind the eardrum isn’t well ventilated, fluid builds up and an ear infection can start. To drain this fluid and create ventilation, a small hole is made in the middle ear, and a tube is inserted to keep it open. Within 6 to 18 months, the ear drum will push out the tube.

During a typical tube procedure, general anesthesia is used to sedate the patient, however with the Hummingbird procedure, only conscious sedation is used. A new device simplifies things by deploying the tube much quicker, allowing for a faster surgery and recovery. The patient will be back in their parents’ arms and then back home shortly after. While the procedure is typically best for children who are three years and younger, each patient will be evaluated by their ENT (ear, nose and throat) provider to determine the best option for them.


Sveinar Larsen, M.A., CCC-A, sees patients on Thursdays at Lakewood’s Staples clinic. He performs hearing testing on patients of all ages to determine both the extent and cause of hearing loss, balance assessments, and hearing aid evaluations. He works closely with patients to select the best hearing aid(s) based on their unique needs and provides outstanding comprehensive follow-up care.