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Choosing a healthcare provider to accompany you on your pregnancy journey is a big decision for most women. Mackenzie Determan of Nisswa, MN, was no exception. She and her husband, Dan, were having their first child and making the right choice was extremely important to her. Originally from Browerville, MN, Mackenzie grew up receiving care at Lakewood Health System and in her adult years established a primary care relationship with Lakewood Certified Nurse Practitioner, Kelly VanVickle.

Mackenzie has always felt at home at Lakewood, describing the care she received there as ’phenomenal.’ “I’ve always had a wonderful experience with Kelly and the rest of the women’s health team at Lakewood,” said Determan. “Even though there are healthcare systems closer to where we live now, it was an easy decision for me to choose Lakewood. The facility itself is beautiful and the people truly make it feel like home.”

After doing her research on family medicine providers at Lakewood, Mackenzie selected Dr. Kaitlyn Schoeck. “Kelly had wonderful things to say about Dr. Schoeck and when I met her for the first time-something just clicked,” said Mackenzie. “My husband and I both were able to quickly build a wonderful relationship with Dr. Schoeck in transitioning our prenatal care.  We are about the same age, she was extremely knowledgeable, and overall, she just brought a real-world perspective that made us feel comfortable. It has been a perfect fit.”

Over the next six months this relationship continued to develop with Mackenzie doing her prenatal and ultrasound check-ins in both Staples and Pillager.  As her pregnancy progressed, both Mackenzie and Dan took advantage of Lakewood’s Prepared Childbirth class designed to help expectant moms learn about what to expect during pregnancy, labor, and delivery.  Dan even participated in Lakewood’s Daddy Bootcamp designed to help expectant dads. “The classes offered at Lakewood were great,” said Mackenzie. “As first-time parents, Dan and I learned a ton, and we both loved the fact that they were a single-day event.”

Fast forward to her due date and as is sometimes the case, baby Determan wasn’t quite ready to make an arrival.  As a result, Mackenzie was scheduled to be induced on Thursday, May 17th.  After a full day and a half of labor, their beautiful son, Gus Determan, was born Saturday, May 19, 2018. Reflecting on her delivery experience Mackenzie said it was the calm and confidence of the nurses and staff that had a huge impact on their overall experience. 011

“There were absolutely some stressful moments,” said Determan.  “I wasn’t progressing like we hoped in order to delivery vaginally and we also learned that Gus was in a bit of distress during this process. It was at that point we made the decision to go with a c-section. Dr. Schoeck and the entire staff was so positive, encouraging, and calm which helped keep our anxiety to a minimum. Dr. Uhlman was called in to perform the c-section, however, Dr. Schoeck was with us the entire time and that absolutely meant the world to us.”

After delivery, it was the care and compassion shown during this special time that Mackenzie and Dan feel truly distinguished Lakewood. “Everyone from the nurses, to housekeeping, and even our anesthetist, was so kind, wonderful and caring,” said Determan.  “They were all there to help us in any way possible. We never once felt like a nuisance.”

Before leaving the hospital to return home, Mackenzie worked with Dr. Schoeck to acquire a breast pump through Lakewood’s onsite Medical Marketplace. She also loved the fact that moms can walk out of Lakewood with a car seat if they need one, as well as an entire case of diapers. “The best word I can use to describe the experience at Lakewood is ‘thorough,’” said Determan. “They think of everything! Every part of your experience feels like it has been thought through with your best interest in mind.”

Since delivering, Mackenzie has transitioned her care back to Kelly VanVickle, while Gus continues to see Dr. Schoeck as his primary care provider.  Her husband, Dan, also receives his primary care at Lakewood, so it is very much a family affair. It is this continuity of care that has made her experience at Lakewood even better. “Everyone there works so well as a team and they make the process easy,” said Determan. “It really is a special place.  I would tell any first-time parents to check out Lakewood.  They have a large variety of providers to choose from and the care we receive there is outstanding.”

If you’d like to learn more about the OB experience at Lakewood, check out our new guided 360° virtual tour at  You can also set up a personal tour by calling 218-894-8525. Every aspect of your care has been thought through with you, your family, and your new baby in mind, with the intent of providing you with the very best experience possible. You’ve got a home at Lakewood!