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Incontinence therapy is an effective treatment option that uses manual therapy techniques, education, exercise instruction, bladder training and scheduling, electrical stimulation and biofeedback* to improve these symptoms.

Incontinence therapy may eliminate the need for surgery and have you experiencing results sooner than you think.

Physical Therapy Treatments

•  Lifestyle modification – changing dietary and hydration habits, and incorporating daily activity, can help
decrease urinary incontinence issues.
•  Therapeutic exercise can help life and strengthen pelvic floor muscles so the bladder is better supported and is
better able to hold urine. These types of exercise can be very effective in as little as three to four weeks.
• Physiological quieting consists of easy relaxation exercises that teach the body to quiet the strong,
frequent urges present during some forms of incontinence. This allows the patient to develop and
maintain an appropriate toileting schedule.