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Like you, we get to know your baby long before it’s born. That’s why the provider who cares for you is the provider who is there for you when your baby takes its first breath. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

At Lakewood Health System, we take your birth experience personally and are excited and honored to be a part of this major life event.

Click here to view our gallery of new babies born at Lakewood Health System!

Personalized healthcare means having someone who understands your health. That’s why YOUR provider, the one you have seen through your entire journey up to this incredible moment, will be right there with you when you’re ready to deliver. In addition to three on-staff OB/GYNs (Drs. Jenny Bunio, Mary Holm and Carol Uhlman) and two certified nurse midwives (Jessica Wilmes and Carrie Kneisl), the following family medicine physicians also work with expectant parents through the prenatal process, as well as the delivery:

  • Arden Beachy, MD
  • Alex Harsha, MD
  • Ryan Kroll, MD
  • Lindsay Leveille, MD
  • Adrianne Moen, MD
  • Katie Norris, MD
  • Kaitlyn Schoeck, MD

We realize each mom-to-be has different desires and needs in terms of how they want to handle pain, the labor process, and the level of involvement and attention from individuals. We cater to your needs and wishes, and are pleased to provide a variety of solutions for pain management, and even alternative birthing methods, such as a special tub for water births. We also have a cross-functional team of staff members who will care for your every need, including six certified Lactation Counselors to provide with breast feeding guidance and direction.

When you deliver your baby at Lakewood Health System, you’re showered with free gifts for you and your baby, including:

  • Candlelight dinner
  • Relaxing massage
  • Infant car seat
  • Case of diapers
  • CD of baby photos
  • Baby bag with supplies
  • Complimentary home visit by the expectations team