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Doula Services


“Doula” is a Greek word meaning women’s servant. A birth doula is a person who provides continuous care and assists throughout labor, delivery and after care of the mother and baby. Birth doulas can provide physical, emotional, and informational support to the mother and her family before, during or after childbirth. They can aide in relaxation techniques, massage and in labor and delivery care. A doula’s presence at birth can give a woman many positive, memorable experiences related to the birth of her baby.

A birth doula is not meant to replace the support unit of the coach/partner, nor does having a doula mean you have to have a natural childbirth. The doula provides non-clinical care for you and your partner. The provider and the nurse will monitor the clinical aspects of your care.

Lakewood Health System supports any assistance our patients desire with childbirth. Lakewood Health System does not have trained doulas on staff, however we can assist you in choosing a doula service of your choice. If you have already selected a doula, please let your provider and the women’s health staff know in advance of your due date.